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We are looking to procure ABB Control Builder ...

Zapytanie nr 21403

Closing date:
Thursday, April 21, 2011

RFQ content:

We are looking to procure ABB Control Builder AC160, please advise price and availability:

Control Builder AC160 for Advant OCS with Master Software Including Following Components:
Application Builder Ver 4.1/Ø, Copyright 2001 ABB Automation Product Gmbh (D)
Function Chart Builder Ver 6 6.2/1, Copyright 2004 ABB Automation Product Gmbh (D)
Bus Configuration Builder 3.Ø/Ø, Copyright 2000 ABB Automation Product Gmbh (D)
As 100-Edit Text Editor 4.Ø/Ø, Copyright 2001 ABB Automation Product Gmbh (D)
Ampl PC and DB Element Libranes 3.Ø/Ø

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Termin składania ofert zapytania minął 4/21/2011

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