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At the request of our customers monitor the ...

Zapytanie nr 22779

Closing date:
Monday, June 27, 2011

RFQ content:

At the request of our customers monitor the operation of gearbox, we ask to you with a request to supply:

1. oil temperature sensor and height sensor of oil level
a/ oil temperature scanning
- operating range of the measured temperature -20oC do + 140 oC
- oil ISO VG220
- oil temperature will be scanning during the whole running gearbox

b/ Scanning the oil level
- will be used only when the vehicle is starting, when the car is waiting, but drum of concrete mixer is getting mixed concrete,
- we want, that our current scale will be replaced , drawing No. :4-60-2500-010 threaded M22x1,5 (may be another thread)

We want with one sensor make measuring the oil temperature and the height oil level.
We need only scan the oil temperature and height oil levels, the evaluation unit will be in the car mixer.

We ask you for processing and futures price offer, by annual consumption of approx. 500 pcs.


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Termin składania ofert zapytania minął 6/27/2011

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